School Expenses and Payments (Full-time)

Payment for course fees and school miscellaneous expenses, as explained below, is required for all students. Firstly, we will explain about school entrance expenses. Secondly, ,the payment course fees and miscellaneous expenses after entering school.

Costs for entrance at the High School, entrance school fees and expenses during entering school.

Entrance fee in a High School

On the day of the Entrance Ceremony the students of the full-time course (English Communication and Applied Fine Arts) make the payment of Entrance fees of 5,650 yen to receive the official tax seal of Mie prefecture.

Payments when entering the school.

There are some different payments to make before the Entrance ceremony day, including 20,000 yen as reserve money for emergency provisions in the case of disaster, the first year day trip, and registration as a member in the cultural and Education associations of High Schools of Mie Prefecture, etc.

Text books – course materials – uniform – etc.

Before entering school, there is an information meeting for the new students.Before the day of the entrance ceremony they must make the purchase of the necessary materials and order for clothes as explained below:

  • Text books・uniform and clothes・dictionary・gym shoes ・slippers:approx. 26,000 yen (If electronic dictionary is chosen instead of book dictionary, there is an additional cost of 30,000 yen).
  • Uniform: approx. 50,000 yen (male and female).

Course Fees and Miscellaneous expenses (monthly payments after School Entrance)

Course Fees

The course fees for public high schools (full –time) are set, according to the 2014 modification of the Regulation for Education fees for Public High Schools (9,900 yen monthly) as explained below, at 118,800 yen annually. The examples of the course fees below are based on the account transfer payment method.

Miscellaneous expenses

All full-time students have to pay miscellaneous expenses for textbooks, course materials, as well as needed materials, and fees for associations affiliated with the school as shown below:

  1. PTA fees:Managed by the guardians of the school’s students and school staff, PTA fees are required to support educational activities such as the students’ work experience, exhibitions etc. (association fees)
  2. Student council expenses:Expenses for student council activities such as the Cultural Festival and Sports Festival.(association fees)
  3. Club promotion expenses:Expenses for club activities which are open to all students for an enriching school life.(shared expense)
  4. School year reserves:Expenses for the second year’s school trip, excursions, events for every grade, purchase of graduation album, etc.(self-reserves)
  5. Japan Sport Council insurance fee:Students must bear a part of the insurance fee under the compulsory mutual aid disaster insurance plan. (refer to another page)
  6. Account transfer processing fee: Transfer processing fee (11 yen per month) excluding course fees and Japan Sport Council insurance fee as above 5.

Transfer payment

The monthly payment amount (by transfer payment) and date (every 12th day or next business day per month if it falls on a closing day of financial institutions) for full students of the school admitted in the fiscal year 2021 are shown in the table as below:

Course Fees and Miscellaneous expenses in 2021(R03年度授業料学校諸費

Other information

There are other expenses not included in the previously-mentioned expenses, such as specific materials for “English Communication” and “Applied Fine Arts”, necessary things for club activities, etc.

Subsidy system for Course fees and Miscellaneous expenses

Subsidy system for High School Course fees (shugaku-shien-kin).

All high school students of Mie Pref. have to pay the Course fees. But in the case that total incomes of the parents (or guardian) fulfill some economic conditions and are not higher than the set amount , students can receive a subsidy for course fees. As this subsidy is compensation for the course fees, parents will not receive the money. It is necessary to submit an application form to receive the subsidy.

○For more detailed information please check: Official web Site of Mie Prefecture-   High School’s Education fees. (三重県公式ホームページ 県立高等学校授業料)

Subsidy system for Miscellaneous expenses (koukousei-tou-shougaku-kyufu-kin).

There is another subsidy system to help with the miscellaneous expenses for the high school students of public Schools in Mie pref. even when families don’t have economic problems in their daily lives . It is not required to pay back the amount of money to the Prefecture.

○For more detailed information please check:Official web Site of Mie Prefecture-   High School’s Education fees.(三重県公式ホームページ 高校生等奨学給付金)

Scholarship(loan) for Mie pref. High Schools (mieken-koutougakkou-tou-shugaku-shougaku-kin)

There is also a scholarship system for high school students who have some economic difficulties during the period that they are enrolled at school, and whose parents (guardian) are residents of Mie Prefecture. It is possible to apply and get a scholarship   loan, which will be paid back to the prefecture after graduation (a loan at 0% interest).

○For more detailed information please check: Official web Site of Mie Prefecture-   High School’s Education fees.(三重県公式ホームページ 三重県高等学校等修学奨学金)