Day Time School:The procedures during typhoons(台風TAIFUU) or other natural disasters.

Attendance procedures during typhoons or other natural disasters. (online class usage)

*Suzuka City is included as part of Northern Mie Prefecture for these warning announcements

1.)When a storm is announced in Suzuaka City or your city:

①If the warning is announced before classes start, do not go to school. Wait at home.

②If the warning is cancelled, confirm travel safety and go to school.

a.)If the warning is cancelled by 11am, classes will resume 2 hours after the cancellation announcement.

b.)If the warning is not cancelled by 11am, classes will be cancelled for the day. In that case, short homeroom classes will be carried out online via Google Classroom from 12:00 to 12:15. Please log into Google Classroom and wait.

2.)Even if an alert is cancelled, some roads, bridges, railways, etc. may be out of commission. If it is considered dangerous, do not come to school. Please notify the school of your situation, as soon as possible.

3.)If a warning is announced on your way to school and it appears to be dangerous, return home immediately. Please notify the school of your situation, as soon as possible.

4.)If a warning is announced during class hours, refer to the following instructions:

a.)After confirmation of the scale of the typhoon, expected route, status of public transportation, etc. If you are instructed to return home, after you arrive at your home please log into Google Classroom and confirm you arrived safely.

b.)For those stuck at school due to problems with public transportation, you will need to be picked up by your parents. Wait at the school until your parents can pick you up. If your parents cannot pick you up right away, continue to wait at the school.

5.)When the following alerts or warnings for disasters are announced, refer to steps 1 through 4:

– heavy rain – special storm warnings   – snow storm/heavy snow warnings

6.)Please check the TV, radio, online resources, etc. for updates and warnings. Also refer to the school homepage.

7.)Please do not force yourself to attend school. Safety first.