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Olympic Gold medalist Saori Yosida will talk about her mother on TV

Story of Great Mothers

・Date  Sunday 17th December 2006 18:30〜
・TV   TV Asahi  Nation wide network
・Name Great Mother's stories
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The aim of this program
 Now that child rearing and family relationship are chaotic these days in Japan, we would like to look back on motherly tie with her child. What did a mother once scold and what did a mother praise ?
 Through this program heroes of the time will talk about their mothers. What did they learn from their mothers? What are their unforgettable scene with their mothers?
And we would like to think about ideal mother and child relationship and child rearing.
 This week, we feature Saori Yosida, who graduated from Hisai High School and came back to teach PE and Health as a student teacher 2 years ago.

one scene on TV 
News about Saori Yoshida in this site

    ★ Saori Yoshida before the Athens Olympics

Saori Yoshida at the Athens Olympics
 One of the scenes broadcast in the program was shot in a classroom of Hisai High School with Saori and her then classmates talking about their high school days over the graduation album pictures.