We strive to cultivate all-round students with the following motto;
 (1) Zeal  (2) Integrity  (3) Creativity
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Principal  Ono Yoshitaka

A Message to Junior High Hopefuls                                                                                           

 If you are a dream-seeker, why don't YOU come and join us!  Hisai High School is a new type of school with a wide choice of subjects.  We will cherish and nurture your ambitions and dreams.  Our school ethos is ‘ZEAL, INTEGRITY and CREATIVITY’. Our school staff is committed to the academic excellence and high achievement of its students.  You may therefore fully develop all of your potentials with us here in our school whether they be scholastic, artistic or athletic.

 Our school is new in that we provide a wide range of subjects amounting to more than 140, from which you can choose your own according to your interests and merits.  Each and every student therefore has his or her own unique curriculum of subjects entirely different from others.  We also provide challenging subjects such as environmental studies, human rights and world peace. Incidentally, these three subjects are all considered essential for the 21st Century.  Our school also won the accreditation of ISO 14001 in February 2004 and since then has been focusing its efforts to make its facilities open to all students, even physically handicapped.

An exchange program with Girraween High School in Australia is one of the prides of our school. This sister-school agreement was concluded in 1994. Since then, both schools have been hosting exchange visits every year and the program has proved to be immensely successful. We are therefore very happy and proud of maintaining harmonious links and friendship with this Australian high school for over 11 years.

 We are also proud of having produced a gold medalist in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. YOSHIDA Saori, one of our graduates, won a gold medal in the 55kg-class of women's wrestling. It was Japan's first gold medal in this field. Her accomplishment has greatly encouraged and inspired our students here, who diligently practice a wide range of sports such as judo, kendo, badminton, volleyball, basketball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, athletics and tennis in the school's many sports facilities.

Our mission statement is as follows.

We strive to:

1)  foster the spirit of aspiration, integrity and creativity.
2)  provide a unique curriculum in order for students to realize their full academic potential
3)   build an ambience in which students may actively participate in sports or cultural activities.